Before spray painting the frame

The frame before spray painting.

I made this little site because I decided to paint my mountain bike with spray paint cans. There are plenty of tutorials online for painting cars but not so many for painting your own bike. I created this with the intention that you may learn from my mistakes and perhaps perfect the process. Painting a bike is fun and gives you that special feeling that you have something that no one else does!

In the following pages, I’ll go over:

By the end of it, you should be able to have a unique paint job like what you see to the right here ———–>
Painted Bike - Finished Product

Painted Bike – Finished Product


Me, I'm a mountain biker

Hi. I mountain bike. What do you do?

I’m an avid mountain biker that lives in Utah.  I recently broke some welds on my old ten year old full-suspension frame.  Instead of coughing up a few grand for a new frame which I couldn’t afford or trying to get someone to patch together the old frame, I decided to grab this cheap solid-tailframe from

Now, some of you bike snobs may think you can’t get a quality frame for under a $100.. but after doing some research on, I decided this might not be such a horrible idea.  I also ran the idea by a couple of my friends at the local bike shop (LBS) and they said most bikes are made in the same two factories in Tawain anyway, so there is a good chance it may be coming from a manufacturing plant that was producing some of the big name frames.

So, I was set.  Except…

Snapped seat stay..

Broken bike. Snapped seat stay.. :(

I wasn’t really thrilled to have a plain black bike.  I wanted to spice it up a bit.  Besides, I was dying to have a creative project on the side and according to the reviews on, the paint was crappy anyway and had a tendency to chip.

As I started contemplating the prospects of painting the bike frame, I remember an article a car buff friend of mine showed me.  It was about how some guy

decided to repaint his car entirely with Rustoleum paint.  It turns out there are a lot of youtube videos and tutorials that are pretty much in-line with this tutorial for car painting with both the paint on version of Rustoleum and the spray paint version.